Stuck On You


Laura Fygi/Introducing (91)

1.Goodmorning Heartache
2.I've Grown Accustomed To His Face
3.Let's Get Away From Here
4.Willow Weep For Me
5.Just One Of Those Things
7.Dream A Little Dream
8.My Foolish Heart
9.Go Away Little Boy
10.Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
11.Guess Who I Saw Today
12.Girl Talk
13.Out Of Sight,Out Of Mind
14.Stuck On You
15.Can It Be Done

CD:Mercury 510 700-2 (USA- Jazz Vocal)

Lee Brandon/Fool For Love(98)

1 When I've Lived too Long To Dream (L. Brandon)
2 Stuck on You (B. Caldwell)
3 When Trouble Hangs Around (L. Brandon)
4 How Do You Keep the Music Playing (M. Legrand/A & M Bergman)
5 Lighting up Tomorrow (L. Brandon)
6 Here's To Life (A.Butler/P.Molinary)
7 A Summer Day (L. Brandon)
8 Nightfall (L. Brandon)
9 Love Won't Change (L. Brandon)
10Fool For Love (L. Brandon)

CD:1998 Brandon Music (USA- Jazz Vocal)

 Jacky Cheung/Private Corner(10)
  1. 迷你(Stuck On You)
2. Double Trouble
3. 不只有縁
4. 十二個音
5. 月巴女且
6. 戀上你背面
7. Let It Go
8. 找對你
9. 伯爵茶
10. Everyday Is Christmas

   CD:Go East Entertainment Co.Ltd.

Tom Scott Presents Paulette Mcwilliams/Telling Stories(12)
  1.New York on Sunday
2.Traveling Light
3.Tangled In Between
4.You Go to My Head
5.Live the Life I Love
6.Life Is The Fountain
7.Stuck on You
8.Too Hot
9.Don't Be On The Outside
10.Don't Go To Strangers
11.You Fascinate Me So
12.Ode To Billy Joe
   Reviver Records