Allen Hinds


Fact of the Matter(05)
1. Fact of the Matter
2. Onramp
3. Kajun
4. Waltz For Tina
5. Hmph
6. Some of This
7. Rain
8. Toss It Back
9. Enough Is Enough
10. You Just Gotta'

Release Date: Feb 01, 2005

Beyond It All(06)
1. Elegant Decadence
2. Redland Road
3. Worn But Not Tattered (Randy Crawford)
4. Beyond It All
5. Kate and Dave's
6. March 28th
7. Now Really
8. Bad Baby
9. Closure

Released:30, October, 2006

Falling Up(08)

1. Falling Up
2. Breakaway
3. Then Again
4. New Way Home
5. Peace
6. Come Together
7. Rat Scat
8. Gris Gris Shimmy
9. Katie's Dreams

Released November, 2008


1.Elegant Ydecadence
3.Falling U
5.Worn But Not Tattered( Randy Crawford)
7.Gris Gris Shimmy
8.Enough Is Enough
9.You Just Gotta'
10.Fact Of The Matter
11.Redland Road
13.Toss It Back
14.March 28th
16.Left Field

Released 07.Junr, 2010

  Wonderland Park –Just Get In(16)   
1.All Due Respect
2.Just Get In
3.Bobby's Big Wheel
4.Barron's Crossing
5.Truth Be Told
6.Spittin' Image
7.A Far Cry

Released May 24,2016

  Fly South(16)
1. Springs Eternal (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Abe Laboriel)
2. Buckley (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Matt Rohde & Jimmy Johnson)
3. Joni (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Matt Rohde, Jimmy Johnson & Rogerio Jardim)
4. Yonder Hills (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Matt Rohde & Jimmy Johnson)
5. Heartfell (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Jimmy Johnson, Matt Rohde & Genevieve Artadi)
6. Little White Lies (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Jimmy Johnson)
7. Boo's Folly (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Jimmy Earl)
8. Old Mill Pond (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Abe Laboriel)
9. June 15th (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta & Maxayn Lewis)
10. Blues for Ok Tarpley (feat. Vinnie Coaliuta, Matt Rohde & Abe Laboriel)

Released June 30,2016

Monkeys And Slides(16)   
1.Pedro and Marta
3.Monkeys and Slides 
5.Oscars Swagger
6.She Alaway Knew
7.Rat Scat
8.A Close Distance
9.Toss It Back

Released September 18,2016

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