What You Won't Do For Love
Year *
Artist Album Title Song Title
1992 1  BROTHERHOOD CREED BHC Don't Let The Weather Fool Ya
2 MACK LEW Living Up To My Rep Something To Ride 2
1993 3 FATHER Sex Is Law Ain't Nuttin But A Party
1994 4 AALIYAH Age Ain't Nothing But A Number Age Ain't Nothing But A Number
5 ESHAM Closed Casket(CD) 24/7
1995   6 MONALISA
Just Wanna Please U
12' Single
Peration Stackola(CD)
Playa Hata
Playa Hata(CD Single) Playa Hata
8 GURU Jazzmatazz 2(CD) Something In The Past
9 3T Anything(Cool Out Urban Mix)
Remix Produced By Gerald B.(CD-S)
10 GOLD TEET The Heat Is On(CD) Seaching For Love
11 L-SWIFTLD 12' Single How Itz Going Down
12 ALFONZO BLACKWELL Let's Imagine(CD) Love No Limit
13 FREKY FEL-ONS 12' Hoochi(What You Won't Do)
14 FunxSouljaz Keep It Comin' Captive Thoughts
15 Concrete Click Lyrical Terrorism (The EP) Can't Get Enough
1996     16
Don't Waste My Time
17 YOUNG ZEE 12' Single Everybody Get
18 GOLDMINE Mic Love(CD Single) Mick Love
(Original Version ,Stone & Nicks Pht Club Mix)
Mic Love(12' Single) Mick Love
Black Smith Mix
Black Smith Dub Mix
19 BROTHA M.O.E You Reap What You Sow(CD) You Reap What You Sow
20   MAC & A.K.  Westbound  I Got The Message
21 SELFISH I.O.U.Nothing Sacrafice
22 B.EHIN IRON B.ARS Life Is Whatch U Make It Life Is Whatch U Make It
23 SOCIETIEZ CREATION Hell On Earth They Cant Hurt Me
24 G-INCANA G-Incarna I Think I Love You 
1997  25 C.J. LEWIS Past,Present & Future(CD) Rolling
26 MASTER P Single/OST I'm Bout It(CD-S If I Could Change
27 2PAC & NOTORIOUS B.I.G 12' Single Can I Get Your Number
28 MR. FREE JACK V.S.O.P Do Ya Wanna Hump
1998  29 2PAC Ru Still Down?(CD) Do For Love
30 KOOL G RAP 4,5,6(CD) Bloein' Up In The World
31 TATYANA ALI Kiss The Sky(CD) Boy You Knock Out
CD-S Boy You Knock Out
Featuring Will Smith Version(Not For Sale)
32 FULL CLIP Last Night Dream To Reality
33 PARIS Unleashed Same Ol' Same Ol'
34 TOT K Assume Nothing It Takes a Dime
35 L.G. WISE Never Alone Don't Cry (Remix)
36 EXPRESSION DIREKT Le Boutdo Monte  C'Est La Vie

SILKY SLIM Finaly Here Ass Up Face Down
1999 38 MINT CONDITION  Life's Aquariam Tonight
39 CRAZY Please Don't Kill Me Let Get Freaky
2000 40 PEEPS Which Way Zup(CD) Put Me On
41 FRANK REAL Frank Real(CD) Hold Ya Down
42 GANGSTA NUTT Save Me(CD) Don't Stop
2001 43 2PAC All Eyez On Me(CD) Heaven Ain't Hard to Find  
44 DEEP M-PAK N Da Game Too Deep Me And Mine
2002   45 DJ RHYTHM Feat BLU 12' Single Do For Love
46 BIG MOE Purple World S.U.C
47 T DA PIMP Wedding Rings The Best Of. .
48 BABYFACE NELSON Player Ina Motivational Position Together Again
49 THE HITT-MAKER  Soundtrack  Jump Down
50 HALF-A-MILL Da Hustle Don't Stop Only Love
2003   51 DA BRAT Limelite,Luv&Niteclubz(12'Single) Gotta Thing For You
52 B@BY SOUL 12inch time-less clock
CD-S time-less clock
53  GEMINI The Product Of Pain What I Won't Do
54 BROWN EYED SOUL Free Soul Candy
2004 55 SWEETBACK Stage [2](CD) Love Is The Word
56 Z-RO So Much The Life Of Joseph W. McVey
2005 57 SINISTER X X-tras Volume 2 Do For Love
58 LADY LAISTEE Second Souffle Ma Semaine
2006  59 CUETE Love Stories Died In My Arms
60 MAY'S 12' Single 1/2(Crystal Lovers Remix)
61 RIHKI KENNEREW Billionaire Believer God Wants you
62 RATURA CHOICE E-CUZBillionaire Believer Kill Zone
63 MALIGN 20 The Struggle Attcted To My Life
2007 64 U-NAM Back From The 80's Right Here Right Now
65 DJ JAZZY JEFF DJ Jazzy Jeff feat. Raheem DeVaughn My Soul's Not 4 Sale
The Return of the Magnificent My Soul An't For Sale
2008 66  KILO BROWN M.O.E Do For Love
2009 67 RICK "The Godson" WILHITE & BILLY LOVE My Voyage Don't Ever Let Me Hear U Say
2010  68 8BALL & MJG Ten Toes Down What They Do
69 ROCK CITY & NO OFF DAYS No Off Days Celebration
2011 70 KANKICK The Traditional Heritage Aquarian Meditation
2013  71 DJ COM QUARTET Stay Do for Love
TERRACE MARIN 3ChordFold Triangle Ship

2ND II NONE Compton Muzi That's My Bitch
Open Your Eyes
2000 1 COMMON Like Water For Chocolate The Light
2003 2 AZTEC TRIBE What If ? By Your Side
2010 3 Kendrick Lamar feat. BJ the Chicago Kid R.O.T.C. (Interlude) O(verly) D(edicated)
2012 4 Robert Glasper Experiment Black Radio Recoverd The RemixEP Dillalude #2
My Flame
1993 1  5th Ward Boyz Chetto Dope  Pleeze
1995 2 PORTRAIT All That Matters Heartstrings
1997  3 THE NOTORIOUS B.IG Life After Death Sky The Limit
1998 5 ELISHA La'VERNE ELISHA La'VERNE What The Talkin 'Bout
2003 6 E.N.Y 12inch Rain
2005 7 SINISTER X X-tras Volume 2Jealousy
2006 8 OZROSAURUS Rhyme&Blues Kazefuku Dououbi
2008 9 CHERI DENNIS Caught Up Dropping Out Of Love
2011  10 SCARFIZZIE Before the Abduction I From the E
Carry On
2005 1 MED Push Comes to Shove Can't Hold On
Coming Down From Love
2005 1 VAST AIRE Look Mom...No Hands Viewtiful Flow
2006 2 MURS Murray's Revenge Barbershop
Down For The Third Time
2009 1 BULLJUN Bulljun&Funky Presidents 2029 Cold Stone Jazz